Sorry to leave you hanging in the middle of the climax, but priorities…

As you can tell from the above, we will be taking a break from the world of Impure Blood to give Nathan and Nadja a chance to figure out how to juggle a toddler and a newborn. Regularly scheduled comics will resume on July 17th. That’s enough time, right?

If you preordered Volume 4, worry not. This break has been figured into our production schedule, and books should be going out late October/early November, as promised. If you haven’t pre-ordered Volume 4, what’s wrong with you? Send us an email on the Contacts page with your mailing address and we shall add you to the preorder list! If you’d rather be notified when it’s ready, simply join the mailing list, and we’ll be sure to send out an email blast.

Consider it a shower gift 😉

Happy Monday X3

  1. Introverted Chaos says:

    Woo! eHigh-Fives!

  2. Kelly says:

    Congrats! <3

  3. Mary says:

    O frabjous day!

  4. Nathan Lueth says:

    Thanks guys! The good vibes are much appreciated!

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