Nobody likes getting zapped. Nobody.

In other news, Nathan has joined the Instagram. Follow him to see what projects he’s working on and get sneak peaks of upcoming Impure Blood pages.

In other, other news, Impure Blood will be at C2E2 in Chicago this Friday-Sunday. Find us in Artist Alley, where we will have Volume 3 to sell! We also like it if you just stop by and say “Hi”, too. Sorry, we don’t know what our table number is, yet. We were waitlisted and it’s all very last minute. “Like” the Impure Blood Facebook page and/or follow Nathan and Nadja on Twitter, and we will let you know as soon as we do. You can also check our Convention page to see what other Cons we have been confirmed for.

Nathan will be Tweeting/Instagram-ing any commissions he gets this weekend, so be sure to  tune in for that! Or better yet, get your own super awesome commission from him! Hope to see you all there!

  1. I miss the disqus comments.

    • Nathan Lueth says:

      Sorry. The price of progress, I guess. Was there anything in particular you miss about them?

  2. Uhl says:

    Ooh, do I perceive that our beret wearing friend is about to suffer a species change?

    • Nathan Lueth says:

      Maaaayyybeee… Either that, or a new more painful way to remove a pancreas…

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