Nathan resisted the urge to make him shouting “TA-DAAA!” in that upper right-hand panel. Maybe in the outtakes…

A big thanks and shout out to everyone who stopped by our table at C2E2 this weekend, and a big welcome to our new readers. It was great meeting you all. Also, one last apology to anyone who came to our table looking for Andrew Griffith. We promise to untie him and let him go as soon as we get home.

Our next┬álive appearance will be in just a few weeks at Wizard World, Madison, April 8-10. Check the CON page for our schedule as it stands. If you couldn’t make it to C2E2, we hope to see you there. And even if you did, we’d love to see you again.

  1. Uhl says:

    Looks like I was right.

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