You’ll have to forgive that guy. He’s had a rough day.

In other news, Auhle’s a jerk. Although, I suppose that’s not really news.

In other news that is ACTUALLY news, Nathan will be at Wizard World, Madison, WI, this Friday- Sunday (April 8th-10th). Stop by, say “Hi” and check out the┬ámerchandise. Really, we just love actually meeting people who have read Impure Blood. It gives us the happy. If you can’t make it, keep an eye on the Impure Blood Facebook Page, Nathan’s Twitter, and/or Instagram for live tweets of art commissions Nathan does at the con. There are always some interesting requests.

Happy Monday, and have a good week!

  1. Wyvern says:

    Last week he said “the *beginning* of the blood”. Is there some significance to the fact that she changed the wording, or is it just a continuity error?

    • Nadja says:

      It’s a different form of the Oath, not a continuity error. The difference between “to the beginning” and “to the end” hasn’t been explained in the story yet (it should be somewhere before we hit the end…I think…)

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