Auhle’s way requires a lot more bandaids.

Special thanks and shoutout to the Impure Blood fan who stopped by to chat at the Sioux Empire Fair last week. Nathan didn’t catch your name, but he’s looking forward to reading your book on the genetics of domestic chickens. Or at least recommending it to someone who understands that kind of thing.

Nathan is back in the Twin Cities for a few days before heading back west to Rapid City, for the Central States Fair. Stop on by all ye South Dakotans who want to see a caricature cowboy in action. He’s probably willing to talk about Impure Blood, too.

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Happy Monday!

  1. Bob says:

    Hey, Dara! Haven’t seen her in awhile!

    But is that the same conversation they’re having? I’d have thought they’d have made some more progress by now.

  2. ashimbabbar says:

    sweet romance time with sensei

    • Nathan Lueth says:

      Uhhmmm… Glad we has our first fan-ship, I guess…

  3. Zinjanthropus says:

    Auhle is surprisingly trusting of Dara, though I suppose an Oath to the End of the Blood is pretty serious business.

    • msouth says:

      But maybe he doesn’t remember the part about not being able to lie and have the oath still binding–he lied to her about the existence of ancient(s). That is part of his plan, that she is committing to help with I’m thinking that lets her out of the oath.

      I should put in a disclaimer that I’m not an ancient blood-oath lawyer, and that this does not constitute ancient blood-oath legal advice

      • Nathan Lueth says:

        You haven’t graduated ancient-blood law school yet, after all…

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