Well, look at who’s all grown up and taking charge. Didn’t even need a little girl to do his shouting for him this time.

Nathan will be at Pocket Con this coming Saturday from noon to 6PM in the Yates gallery and annex of the Chicago Public Library. Looks like it’s going to be a good show and, I’m told, their biggest one to date. Not many cons out there are specifically focused on women, people of color, or LGBTQ creators and characters, so this is definitely one to check out. Be sure to show up and see all the raw undiscovered talent if you’re in the area!

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  1. Solace Firebird says:

    Speaking as a relative of several artists and amateur comic-creators, I just wanna say kudos for keeping Elnor’s hair consistent in this scene. Details like that can be killer to do, and you managed to keep continuity. Nice job!
    Also, I REALLY love Caspian. Yes, I AM rereading this. ‘Cause I CAN. <3

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