Well, four of ’em showed up. Let’s be real though, that’s more than we were expecting.

It’s January and time to start thinking about our convention schedule! And we have one already. Planet Comicon in Kansas City is just a few short months away. Be sure to back on our Cons page every once in a while to see if we will be coming to a convention near you.

We announce all that stuff on social media as well, of course, so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up on all of our doings. And don’t forget to share those links!

Happy Monday.

  1. Solace Firebird says:

    Caspian, buddy, if you die, I swear to [insert pantheon here] that I will walk into this comic and murder you mySELF.
    Getting horribly injured is fine, though. I love torturing my favourites in my own writing, too. ^^

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