I think we’re going to need a bigger army.

So ends Chapter 15 ! Next week, the final chapter of Impure Blood begins !

Nathan has been casually participating in TopWebcomics.com‘s sketch-a-day challenge. Just search the hashtag #TWCchallenge and/or follow @topwebcomics to see all the cool drawings by other awesome webcomicers. Today’s (Monday’s) challenge is special because it’s being moderated and retweeted by webcomics rockstar, half-Klingon, and all around nice guy, Lar DeSouza. He’s the award winning artist behind Least I Could Do and Looking For Group, and if you haven’t heard of those you must not read very many webcomics. Thanks for reading this one, though !

We appreciate ALL the likes, retweets, and follows we can get, so be sure to give us one of each if you haven’t already ! @NathanLueth @nadjabaer

Happy Monday !

  1. Alorxico says:

    Any plans for after Impure Blood? Another comic in the same universe or something different?

    • Nathan Lueth says:

      More stories set in the IB universe are not off the table. As for sequels, well that’ll all depend on how this story end, doesn’t it? :3
      For the immediate future, though, I need a break form the weekly deadline, and we both have non-IB projects that we’d like to pursue. Rest assured, you haven’t heard the last from us.

      If you’d like to keep up with all our doings, follow us on social media. You can also sign up for our mailing list here: http://impurebloodwebcomic.com/contact/

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