Ladies and gentlemen, we’re back (again)! And, barring any further unforeseen complications, we should will continue uninterrupted through the end of the story. That will put our final page coming out on October 30! Crazy to think about, but the end is in sight.

Unfortunately Volume 4 preorders will be shipping out a little later than we promised, but you can still expect to have them in hand by the end of November. If you haven’t preordered Volume 4 you can do so now by shooting us an email.

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Be sure to tune in now through the end of October for the exciting conclusion!

Happy Monday.


  1. Solace Firebird says:

    Called it. She put her own blood in the machine.
    I realise I’m late. I just wanted a sense of entitlement.

    • Nathan Lueth says:

      It’s cool. You can have your cookie.

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