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So ends Impure Blood.

Back in 2009 I was struggling to find work. My new girlfriend, Nadja, had stumbled upon Zuda, DC Comics now defunct webcomic talent search. We had just started dating, she a hobby writer and I, a freelance Illustrator and wannabe comic artist, so it made sense to collaborate. Nadja had an epic high-fantasy story she had written in high school that she thought I could adapt to the comics medium. We both had recently become aware of the growing steampunk movement and decided that might be more visually interesting than a traditional medieval fantasy. We were finalists in the contest. We didn’t win, but we had already decided that we were going to  continue with the series no matter what happened. Thus was born Impure Blood. We also decided that it was going to have an ending. We had both seen franchises we loved overstay their welcome, grow stale, or become a caricature of itself, and we didn’t want that to happen. We wanted to tell a complete satisfying story, and that includes resolution.

So here we are, and it hardly seems real. We’ve learned a lot, of course, about the business and craft of producing indie comics, (Kickstarter didn’t even exist when we started!), but also about working together as collaborators, spouses, and parents. As we have joked with people at comic cons, there’s a lot of over lap in those skill sets. Will there be more Impure Blood someday? Anything’s possible. Selling hundreds of thousands of books and countless fans clamoring for a sequel would certainly increases the possibility 😉 But for now, it’s time to put it to bed and move on to other things. Nadja is writing novels (check out her Eternal Watch saga) and I have enough work to keep me busy well into the new year (keep an eye out for StrategyMan vs. the Anti-Strategy Squad, written by Rich Horwath).

To keep up with our doings, follow us on Twitter (@NadjaBaer  @NathanLueth), Instagram (nadjabaer,  nathanlueth). For all future Impure Blood news and updates, check out and like the official Impure Blood Facebook page.

For me it’s not totally over yet… I still have the cover of Volume 4 to do, plus formatting and ordering books. If you pre-ordered Volume 4, we thank you for your patience, understanding, and support. Please be assured that we will be getting those out to you as soon as possible. Keep and eye on our social media for updates. All four volumes will be available for purchase from our store, which you can find directly under where the comic page appears.

Thanks to my wife, Nadja Baer, without whom I would not now have the greatest work of my artistic career. You have taught me how dangerous it can be to complain to you about not having anything to do. You have also made me a better person, even if I haven’t always wanted to be one.

Thanks to my parents for never telling me to get a “real” job.

Thanks to my color flatter, Samantha Somers, who has gracefully put up with my sometimes inadequate communication skills, some extremely tight turnaround times (sometimes less than 24 hours!), having me constantly tweak her work, and has never complained about it once. At least not to me.

And thanks to our readers who have bought books, donated, shared our comic with friends, stopped by our table at conventions, or otherwise encouraged us to keep this project going. Your support has made this endeavor worthwhile.

May this and all your future Mondays be happy.

-Nathan Lueth, Illustrator

  1. Bob says:

    Imma miss checking this site for new panels every Monday morning. Bravo on concluding with gusto!

    • Nathan Lueth says:

      Gusto is what we do! Thanks for reading and commenting all these years, by the way. Don’t be afraid to poke Nadja about how the Redemption sequel is coming along, too 😉

  2. Mary says:

    It’s quite a story!

    • Nathan Lueth says:

      Thanks Mary! Glad you liked it! I think you’re probably one of our earliest reader/commenters. Thanks for sticking with us for so long!

  3. Jill meilahn says:

    I have fallen in love with these characters. I am so going to miss them. I guess Monday’s will have to be spent re-reading the books! Congratulations on a job well done.

    • Nathan Lueth says:

      I have no plans to take it down, so hopefully we will gain some new readers, even if we aren’t producing any new pages.

  4. Kelly says:

    I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for all your hard work. <3

    • Nathan Lueth says:

      T’was my pleasure. Thanks for READING all our hard work!

  5. Solace Firebird says:

    Aw, this was great.
    It was also fascinating to watch your art change slowly over the course of the comic! XD

    • Nathan Lueth says:

      Thanks! So glad you like it! This project has definitely help me refine my style, so it’s nice that someone has noticed that. I do have to say that I find the early pages more cringe-inducing than fascinating, though XD

  6. Abibliboop says:

    I just discovered this comic today. I am both saddened because the story is over, and greatly happy to have had such a wonderful read. Thanks for taking the time to tell and illustrate a wonderful story set in a very interesting world. Really hope you both collaborate more in the future.

    • Nathan Lueth says:

      It was our pleasure. Thanks so much for your kind words. Would you mind taking a minute to copy/paste that review on Amazon?
      Consider it a fair trade for the read 😉 Thanks again!

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