They probably never gave a thought to what makes the watches run. Which is kinda worse in a lot of ways.

Nathan had a lot of fun drawing caricatures at Twin Cities Pride Fest this past weekend. Next weekend, the Impure Blood crew will be taking a much needed holiday, so you can expect a filler page. Don’t let that stop you from tuning in though. They usually get a chuckle out of Nadja, which means they must be pretty funny.

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Happy Monday, everybody!

  1. Sleel says:

    My god. It’s like the group shares a single pair of brain cells. And the only time they have a thought is if the two who have them happen to be standing next to each other so they can rub together.

  2. redscarf says:

    It’s amazing! The urgency makes it seem like each statement is their first real thought in days, and then you read it and realize that, no, they had this thought years ago and are just recycling it.

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