Daaannnggg… Apparently there was so much jerk floating around the room, some of it rubbed off on Jaem.

Special shout out to reader, Johnny Eppich, who reached out to us on Facebook. He sent us a very flattering private message that it was hard not to walk away from without a big head. While we’re at it, thanks also to those of you who have been active in the comment section lately. Sleel, Uhl, Introverted Chaos, It’s been very entertaining reading your reactions to the return of the Watcher’s Society. One more extra special shout out must go to Mary and Bob, who have been following us and commenting since the very beginning (or at least pretty close to it).

Bottom line is we love reading feedback from you guys, positive or negative. When doing a webcomic, it’s very easy to feel like one is just tossing pages out into the ether, never knowing if anyone is actually reading them. Leaving us comments here or on Facebook lets us know that you’re out there and that you like what we do. Even if you hate what we do, let us know. It’s cool. We can take it.

So keep it coming guys! Especially if you’ve been following us for a while, and never left us anything. We would love it if you let us know you’re out there.

Happy Monday!

  1. Sleel says:

    I’m starting to think I over estimated them in saying they shared 2 brain cells and had a thought when they randomly rubbbed them against eadh other. It may be geberous to say they have one. I’ve been drinking. forgive the spelling.

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