Maybe he’s just in an area with poor reception?

NerdCon: Stories was a wild success for us. A great big thanks and to everyone who showed up and bought a book, and an equally big welcome to any new readers out there.

I am quite pleased to announce that, while at NerdCon, we completely sold out of copies of Volume One! The down side to that, however, is that we won’t get new copies in in time for Grand Rapids Comic Con next weekend (Oct. 21-23). We do still have plenty of Volumes 2 & 3 so returning readers can pick those up. We will be accepting back¬†orders for Volume 1, so anyone interested will still be able to get a signed copy. Just a little bit later. ¬†And, of course, books can always be purchased at anytime off of, (don’t forget to leave a review!) or simply by clicking the links below this news post.

Thanks again to everyone who helped make NerdCon:Stories a wild success for us! We’re looking forward to seeing all the wonderful Mighiganders (and Michigeese!) next weekend! Artist Alley space D-8. Be there!

Happy Monday

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