Turns out their weakness is getting blown up. You’d be amazed how often that works.

If you haven’t nominated Nadja’s new urban fantasy novel, Redemption, for an Amazon e-book publishing contract yet, you still have time! Just click here and click the “Nominate” button. Couldn’t be easier. If she wins you get a free digital copy of Redemption, the story of sassy, intelligent research assistant Sophia who stumbles upon a conspiracy to hide the existence of a real life immortal! You’ve been reading her words and story here in Impure Blood for almost eight years now, just imagine what she can do in a prose novel!

And if you have a Goodreads account, and I know a few of you probably do, click here to add Redemption to your read list!

Go forth now into your work week, secure in the knowledge that you’ve helped support your favorite independent content creator. Assuming that’s us.

Happy Monday.

  1. Sleel says:

    There’s a KaBOOM! I wasn’t expecting Big Kaboom! ^^

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