And here comes the… water cavalry. Does that mean they should be riding sea horses?

C2E2 is only a month away! Thus kicking off our summer convention season and the perpetual busy-ness and exhaustion that comes with it. Yayyy! Can’t whine too much though. We love meeting and talking to all of our lovely readers. And what with this year being Impure Blood’s grand finale, we want to go out with a bang.

While you’re waiting for us to come to a convention near you, why not take a minute to nominate Nadja’s new urban fantasy novel, Redemption, for an Amazon e-book publishing contract! Just click here and then the “Nominate” button. If she wins everyone who nominated her gets a free digital copy of Redemption. It’s the story of sassy, intelligent research assistant Sophia who stumbles upon a conspiracy to hide the existence of a real life immortal! If you like what she’s done here in Impure Blood then you need to check this out!

And for those with a Goodreads account, click here to add Redemption to your read list!

C’mon! You know we’d do it for you.

Happy Monday.

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