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Buckle up folks. We only crank up the tension from here.

Next up in our convention line up is Siouxpercon, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. In a rare mashup, Nathan will be selling books AND drawing caricatures at the same event! Will he be able to keep it all straight? We’ll have fun finding out.

If he gets any cool caricatures or commissions, you can check them out by following him on Instagram, and indeed on all the social medias. And, as always, don’t forget to share Impure Blood with a friend.

Thanks for reading and Happy Monday!

  1. Kimberly says:

    Wait … what … NO! I don’t care about Dana’s “daddy issues” right now! What’s wrong with Mac?!? 😉

    • Nathan Lueth says:

      LoL. guess we need to make a Mac spin-off series. Assuming she survives… 😉

    • Nathan Lueth says:

      Also, did you deliberately get Dara’s name wrong? Cause that’s funny.

  2. With all the buildup to doomsday machines powered by ancient blood, I read your plug as:

    “In a rare mashup, Nathan will be selling blood AND drawing caricatures at the same event!”

    • Jill meilahn says:

      I love Mac. Please survive for a spin-off!!

    • Nathan Lueth says:

      Only the blood sweat and tears I put into my work. Those are all the bodily fluids I am authorized to sell

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