Yeesh. Literally kicking someone when they’re down. Auhle reminds us why he’s the villain on this page.

Apologies for the late page. Nathan was drawing caricatures at the Twin Cities LGBT Pride Fest this weekend and, while business was very good, it didn’t leave a whole lot of free time to work on IB between drawings. That’s right, he draws between drawings. It’s like having ketchup on your ketchup.

Happy Monday, and Happy Pride!

  1. Bob says:

    Never get in a kickboxing fight with a guy that has kangeroo legs.

    • Nathan Lueth says:

      Y’know, I always wondered why they put the boxing gloves on the kangaroos hands, in those old-timey kangaroo boxing matches. I just have a hard time imagining somebody looking at one and thinking, “Yeah, that thing looks like it will definitely attack with it’s fore-paws.”

      • EasyAI says:

        It was because kangaroos use their claws when fighting, they can gouge out eyes with them which is why kangaroos always lean their heads back when fighting each other. Those claws are sharp.

        • Nathan Lueth says:

          Well there you go! Learned something new today. Thanks!

  2. Bob says:

    Use of feet should be instant disqualification!

  3. ashimbabbar says:

    The world is a cold dark place filled with deceitful people, Auhle.

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