Well folks, it’s good news/bad news time.

The good news is that Dara has thoroughly and decisively defeated Ilhendor. Yay for that.

The bad news is that Nathan’s portable drawing tablet is no longer charging while plugged in. It’s being sent in for repairs but, with Nathan on the road all month drawing caricatures and no portable internet/Photoshop machine, there’s no way for him to create and upload new pages. We really regret having to go on hiatus again so soon after baby-leave (and so close to the finish line, to boot), unfortunately there’s no way around it. Please know that we are going to do everything possible to get things up and running again as quickly as we can.

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Thank you for your patience, and we hope your Monday is going better than ours.

UPDATE: Got page 381 finished up and beautified and regular updates will Resume Monday, September 4th!

  1. Bob says:

    He sure went down easy, didn’t he?

    Good luck on the technical issues!

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